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  1. Landlocked definition is - enclosed or nearly enclosed by land. How to use landlocked in a sentence.
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  3. having no direct access to the sea: a landlocked country. living in waters shut off from the sea, as some fish.
  4. Jul 12,  · Landlocked in the context of real estate refers to a piece of property that is inaccessible via public thoroughfare, except through an adjacent lot. A vacant lot that is located behind a strip mall.
  5. The original two parcels were landlocked, and now they wanted a third plot to provide access to the future housing complex. From New York Post These examples are from the .
  6. landlocked adj. referring to a parcel of real property which has no access or egress (entry or exit) to a public street and cannot be reached except by crossing another's property. In such a case there is an "implied easement" over the .
  7. Dec 16,  · A landlocked country is one that is totally surrounded by other countries and the only way in or out is through those other countries, not by sea. States can also be landlocked.
  8. 1. Entirely or almost entirely surrounded by land: a landlocked country. 2. Remaining in inland waters through the entire life cycle.

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